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Why does my "Cross-List" button keep disappearing?

I am currently trying to cross-list my Forensic Science courses. As I'm going through the motions ((Settings... Section... click on the home course section)) the "Cross-List" button literally disappears. I have absolutely no idea what is going on and my poor young scholars are a little frustrated. Help? Smiley Happy

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Hi  @stephanielchron  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

This is a global community of Canvas users, and we are unable to troubleshoot your particular problem for you because we only have access to our own courses and accounts.

However, typically when things should be there and aren't or they just disappear, it is a browser issue. You are likely using an outdated browser. Learn which browsers are supported by Canvas at 

Try updating your browser and see if that helps,


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Hello Stephanie,

As  @kmeeusen  says, this may be a browser issue.

However, at many schools, the Canvas team "hides" specific menu items from instructors (or students) in Canvas when it is a function that they don't want them to have access to.  For instance, if your school has another way of cross-listing courses outside of the built-in tools in Canvas (like my school does), they may hide the "Cross-list..." option in the section menu.  

Normally, such "hiding" is done with CSS formatting, and it sometimes takes a second for that to "kick in" in the browser window, so "hidden" items may be momentarily visible until the browser finishes rendering the page.

I would contact the Help Desk or Canvas Support team at your school, to confirm what method they want instructors to use when cross-listing classes in Canvas.