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Why does speedgrader change all student scores when I "update scores"?

Why does speedgrader change all students score when I grade one quiz and press "Update Scores"??  I'm grading a "quiz" (really an exam).  It has some multiple choice and some I have to grade.  I'm grading questions 2-4 for all students.  First student, I grade each question, go to bottom.   In "Total Score"  I see a new total reflecting the points I've added.  I press the red "Update Scores" button, and the "Assessment" score on the right of the window has changed.  All fine so far.  Now I go to student two.  Questions 2-4 already have the point totals put in that I put in for first student!  I can change these, and at bottom the "Total Score" is what I have just put in, and when I press "Update Scores" button, the score changes to what I wish.  Unnerving and terrible design, but I guess I can live with it.  My real problem comes after I've graded half the class.  If I go back to an earlier student I've already graded, her scores on questions 2-4 have been changed to the highest scores anyone got!!!!!  Strangely, the total score and assessment score are what I initially put in, but if she looks at these questions she'll have no idea that I took points off.  What is going on?  Please, I cannot grade this exam until I have this figure out.

Thank you.

Desperately yours


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