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Why don't assignments I move to a new assignment group stay moved? Bugs?

I've exported a course into a new empty shell. In the old course I had no assignment groups. Now I'm creating them because there are so many assignments, I'd them to be visually more organized when instructors click on Assignments in the main nav. That's the context.

I understand that  "imported assignments" have been grouped together under Imported Assignments. It's odd however that a good number of the assignments are under Assignments, given that all the content in the course had been imported. But that's just an observation.

Here's the problem: I'm manually creating new assignment groups, dragging and dropping assignments into them, and dragging the groups up and down to order them.

In one instance, I'd moved all the assignments from Assignments into their respective new groups and deleted Assignments. It showed again, with assignments in it.

In another, the assignment group I'd moved, moved back on its own.

And in another, the assignment moved back to it's original group.

I'm usually dragging and dropping and visually-speaking the drop seems completed. Maybe it isn't.

Anyway, any solutions or explanations would be appreciated.

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Two other oddities I've noticed under Assignments. 1) Some Pages are listed there and I'm not sure why they're classified as an assignment, and 2) A page named Getting Started with Excel in my module has a mysterious ghost assignment named Getting Started with Excel in Assignments. I created the page. I have no idea how the assignment came into being. See screenshots

Assignment view of mysterious assignment names Getting Started with Excel.png

Assignment view of mysterious assignment names Getting Started with Excel.png