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Why is New Quizzes (Quizzes Next) missing so many features?

  1. Does not show up in Student To-Do or give red cross in the module to show missing.
  2. Students cannot access via gradebook (No Preview)
    1. Students have to access it thru a module.
  3. Essay questions do not show up in Teacher To-Do
    1. You have to go to gradebook, find quiz and open SpeedGrader via clicking on a student grade, then go to options and sort by date submitted and manually check.
  4. Cannot change info/date while in Build, have to back out and find it in the module.
  5. Item Bank: rather than simple question groups, you have to add questions to an Item Bank, go to add an Item Bank and then scroll thru multiple pages until you find the one you want.
    1. What good is adding tags if you can only search inside the bank you want and not search the banks themselves?
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@mzkm New Quizzes is still in development and unless your institution has changed it, it is not on by default in Canvas for that reason.  I know Instructure recently appointed a new project leader for New Quizzes as a lot of traction was lost due to COVID pushing other priorities.

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Glad to see that post, it captures the gaps well. I am helping bring up Canvas at our school for next fall (2021) and some of the new question formats would be quite helpful. That said, the integration of classic quizzes particularly for the grading of essay questions works much smoother. So much that I expect I'll keep NQ turned off for now, and reevaluate later in the summer. I know a lot is the works.

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Hi, last information I heard was that students will no longer be able to submit 'classic quizzes' as of July 21. So the 'new quizzes' have to be used after the summer holidays? 

And yes, there are still plenty of problems and some bugs with the new quizzes...


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The would be a bit of a change from the guidance this timeline on new quizzes It lists 2022.

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That is the old information before covid hit. It is now July of 22

I thought the same thing until I contacted our Canvas administrators.