Why is the ePortfolio Course Submission feature only showing the most recent assignments?

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I have several students who are trying to submit past assignments to their ePortfolios, but the 'Course Submission' feature is only showing their most recent submissions, usually through November (although some are a little luckier and can see one or two things from October). The view has also changed from the example Canvas has posted on their guide page here. I'm attaching a photo of what it looks like for us as well as a copy of Canvas's example photo for reference. 

Students have access to their past courses and assignments (we don't use the conclude course feature), and it was working the way the instructor guide shows at least as recently as six weeks ago (and a student just came to me to say it was working last week for her). Has something changed in the settings, or is there something I need to do on the Admin side to help them access their previous assignments in the ePortfolio system?

What we see:

This is what we see.This is what we see.

What Canvas says we should see:

This is what Canvas says we should see.This is what Canvas says we should see.



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