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Will Instructure update the Turnitin Legacy integration when new Turnitin APIs become available?

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Currently, campuses using Turnitin with Canvas have two integration options -- LTI, and/or the "Legacy" integration which enables Turnitin Originality Check reports as a feature of Canvas' Assignments tool. My understanding is that the Legacy integration was developed and is maintained by Instructure, and that this Legacy integration is dependent on Turnitin APIs which will be deprecated sometime in the next six-twelve months (outlined by Turnitin at Turnitin - API & Integration Plans). This page includes some detailed information about LMS "Integrations Developed by the Turnitin Team," but does not include Canvas (presumably because this integration was developed by Instructure, and not Turnitin?)

The Turnitin API and Integration plans page linked above state that the current Turnitin Legacy APIs will be replaced with "a variety of new toolsets for integrations...including SDKs and new APIs". Although these SDKs/APIs have not yet been released, so their full functionality is still unknown, I would think that there is a possibility for Instructure to update the current "Legacy" integration to maintain its existing functionality while using the new APIs. My question for Instructure is: will you be working to utilize these new APIs to maintain the current Turnitin integrations, or will Canvas support for Turnitin shift to the LTI tool exclusively?

My campus has a preference for the Legacy integration for a variety of reasons, but may begin to shift our resources towards LTI integration if that's our only path forward with Canvas and Turnitin. However, my hope is that Instructure will leverage the new Turnitin APIs to maintain the current deep integration between Canvas Assignments and Turnitin.

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Hi,  @karl ! Unlike Crista, I can see the icon in the Speedgrader, but clicking on it opens the course's homepage in a new tab with the following error:


Also, while I have you here, we have some instances of a Turnitin LTI assignment losing its connection to Canvas, so when an instructor launches the LTI tool, it creates a new Turnitin assignment. This results in multiple Turnitin drop boxes with only one of them connected to Canvas. This is especially bad when some students submitted to the first box that has lost the connection to Canvas. Turnitin's first line of support said that these disconnections were a Canvas thing, not a Turnitin thing, but we are continuing to work with them.  Smiley Happy

Dallas, make sure you have "" in the domain field on the LTI tool configuration in settings->apps->view configurations->edit.

I'll check-in with my counterpart in Product Dev at Turnitin to ask about the assignment disconnection issue you are experiencing. The only way I can think of for Canvas to be at fault in this scenario is if we were not consistently sending the same LTI launch parameters each time a student launched the Turnitin assignment from Canvas. If Canvas was inconsistent with the data sent to the third party during the assignment LTI launch or any launch, this would break many, many LTI integrations, so I'm 99% sure we aren't the cause, but I'll see what I can find out.

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Thanks, Karl! I have forwarded your response to our local Turnitin / Canvas Admin. I will post back here if we receive additional information from Turnitin support on the assignment disconnections.

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Karl - thanks so much. After putting in the text for the domain, the LTI is functioning as described - yay! We have not had the same disconnect problem that Dallas is describing, but then we only turned it on this summer, and usage is light. Will be on the lookout for this problem when school gets rolling in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again for your updates!

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Dallas Hulsey: Just today, I submitted a support ticket with Canvas for this behavior.

I select the Turnitin report icon in Speedgrader and the course's homepage opens and an error banner appears: "Couldn't find valid settings for this link."

Case #01114419

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Hey, Terry! We resolved this a while back by using these settings in the LTI tool:

121686_Turnitin LTI settings.jpg

When the fixes roll out for the Custom variables (tomorrow, I think),  I will update my image to reflect those settings as well. I hope that helps, Terry!

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Community Team

Note in the Canvas Beta Release Notes (2015-11-09)

Upcoming Canvas Changes

Turnitin LTI (External Apps)

Turnitin is deprecating their Canvas plugin by the end of 2015. If you are a Canvas admin whose institution is using Turnitin, and you have not yet enabled the Turnitin LTI for your account, please contact your Turnitin account representative for your external app credentials. The Turnitin LTI can be configured for your account as shown in the External App URL lesson​. All Canvas Guides Turnitin documentation will be updated as part of the November 21 release.

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Dear Renee

Not sure this is the best thread to post my query to so it miught appear in other places too

We wll be moving to the Turnitin LTI. We are currenlty usig hte the canvas API

what happens to the submissions and grading when it get switched off... will be still be able to see the originality reports etc

If not - what do we need to do to preserve these past submissions and the data

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Note for TurnitinUK users

I have had to use these settings to make sure it works for us here in UK

Launch URL:


Custom Field:






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Good point, Nicola. I did not think about the domain being different for UK users. Anyway, the current setup should look something like this:


1. Name the configuration.

2. The consumer key is provided to your account by Turnitin.

3. The launch url is provided by Turnitin and is the same for all institutions. The launch url for Turnitin UK Users is​.

4. Completing the domain field with "" ("" for UK users) enables Turnitin to launch from the Canvas speedgrader report icons.

5. Setting the privacy to public allows Canvas to share student names and emails with Turnitin.

6. Turnitin documentation states that the Custom Fields may be left blank. However, adding the code developed by canvas engineers adds several convenient features that sync information between canvas and Turnitin so that instructors do not need to enter information in both Canvas and Turnitin, including due dates, assignment id's, assignment titles, points possible, and availability dates. The graphic depicts all of the available codes.

Here is a short video demonstrating the syncing features added by the custom code.