Will an assignment availability (lockout) date prevent students from completing peer review?

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I add "lockout" dates to all of my assignments, so that students are held more accountable to submit their assignments by the due date, or within a small grace period. This is the first semester I've done this, and it has saved me a ton of headache. I now have an assignment that requires peer reviews, and I want to make sure that my "lockout" date for the first draft won't prevent students from leaving their comments past the lockout date. I'd like to keep the lockout date so that other students aren't submitting late drafts and still expecting their peers to give them feedback. Does anyone know how this will work?

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Hi  @hillary_gale  ,

The due date function and the peer review function are both different systems, so they should not have an impact on one another.

Please do let us know if this turns out to be any different, but I'm 95% certain it will be fine.

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