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Will the New Rich Content Editor continue to support the design elements from the Style Guide?

In the comments section of the post about the InstUI: Instructure’s Style Guide 2.0, there was a response to the comments: "everything you're doing right now will still work. While we are no longer adding new features to the current styleguide, there is currently no schedule to remove it."


   -Is this still accurate, everything you're doing right now will still work (from the current style guide) and there is currently no schedule to remove it?


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Community Coach
Community Coach


I'm not an expert in this area but I think it's still accurate.  My understanding is to utilize elements in the StyleGuide you needed to use the HTML editor built in to the RCE.  You will still have this option with the new RCE.  I believe the New RCE will simply change some of ways you access existing formatting tools, but will not change the underlying functionality of how custom html such as outlined in the styleguide will display.


Community Champion

I would not say that the statement itself is accurate. I haven't felt it was accurate from the time it was written given the other things going on. Not a lie, but one people read the way they wanted to read it instead of what Canvas was saying. We have no schedule to remove it wasn't mean that there aren't plans to keep it around. Canvas has deprecated it and they will not keep crud in the code just to support something that has been deprecated. People should try to move away from relying on the deprecated style guide and definitely not start any new projects using it.

I agree that the new RCE is independent of the style guide and so changes to the RCE should not affect the way it is rendered once it's out of the RCE. Things in the style guide may not render properly within the RCE.