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Community Champion

Wow! Just wow!

The filter by module feature is precisely what was needed.  It looks great, and is absolutely awesome...~!   

It tells me the story of where I am with the grading for each week in a single view with minimal distractions.  And I no longer have to contend with skinny horizontal scroll bars. ;o)

A few passing thoughts...

  • Should the drop down filter exclude modules that have no assignments?
  • Any keyboard shortcuts to go forward or backward in the module list?
  • I am seeing two shades of red as well as two of blue.  Is this intentional and what is the meaning?  Color examples:

254641_9-29-2017 5-13-09 AM.jpg

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Jeff,

Modules: the filter displays all modules. If you don't have any content in a module, the module just won't display any content. (Maybe you can use this as a check to see if your module has content in it?)

Keyboard: If focus is in the Modules drop-down menu, you can use the up or down keys to select a different module. Would that work?

Color shades: Lighter cells indicate a dropped grade. The status still applies, but the lighter color shows the grade was dropped because of a drop rule in an assignment group.

Hope that helps!


Hi, Jeff,

My last note about color shades is incorrect. Any score that is dropped will become the color set for the dropped grade (orange default).

Seeing two variations of the same color seems to be a result of the naturally alternated color rows; the row that has the slightly gray background will appear to be darker than the other rows with the same color.

Sorry for the confusion! 


Modules:  understood.  Just sharing my thought that if a module has no graded items (assignments), I assume there would be no grade columns for that module. 

Keyboard: I now see a keyboard shortcuts icon to the left of the module filter.  This is useful, especially the Esc + s to sort. The up/ down arrows are also useful.  Thanks.

Color shades: re: alternating shades -- this makes perfect sense and I like it as it helps us follow the row.