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Your Top 3 Canvas Feature Wish-List

If you could have any 3 Canvas Features, what would they be?

For me it would be:

1. The option to undo course imports

2. The option for the +People button to always be enabled for admins despite a course being concluded

3. The option to create columns in the Grades page

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Community Member

I think mine would be: 

1. A button option to access Student View from any page

2. @ mentions in discussions (enable-able, but not automatic)

3. Annotation tools available to students in Peer Review 

   3.1 An easier way for instructors to access Peer Reviews and/or to issue grades for peer reviews. 

That was a fun exercise! Thanks for posting it. 

Great list! Thanks for commenting! Smiley Happy

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 @kona ‌ I would love to see your top 3! Smiley Happy

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1. Easy mass deletion of pages and other content.

2. "First" and "Last" buttons along with the page numbers you scroll through when searching for courses or people.

3. A longer date range for the CSV file you can download of a user's page views.

What a great post! Smiley Happy

Community Champion

1. Have an option to select All on any page that lists content (announcements, assignments, discussions, inbox, quizzes, question banks, and modules) and be able to move or delete content. 

2. Auto save in rich content editor

3. Easy to use options to add design elements to a page in an accessible way

Community Team
Community Team

Today (yes, I think my top list would change daily if I thought about it), my wishes are:


2.‌ <-- Cold Storage

3. <-- Cold Storage

 @MollyCaldera ‌, your list for Peer Reviews is awesome. It would be amazing to have those features. I also really like snugent‌'s request for the bulk move/delete. That would help teachers keep their courses well-organized.

Community Champion

My current Top 6 (sorry, but consider it 2 lots of 3 and I have pout in links for people to vote) would be as follows:


Self Review (rubric) for assignment - desperately needed to allow students to reflect on work and would like to see this and Peer Review form a component of an assignment eg Teacher Review - 60%, Self Review - 10% and Peer Review - 30% 


Personalisation of Content Pages - you can allocate assignments, quizzes and discussions to Sections and Individuals so why not content? This would significantly reduce the number of courses we see, allow multiple classes to take the same course, provide differentiated content and allow teachers working on the same course to collaborate more effectively. I'd even take just hiding Modules for Sections - 


Add the Rich Content Editor to ALL Quiz Types in New Quizzes, include Multiple hotspots and include Partial marking The new quizzes tool is good but there is STILL not parity between it and the old one (please add this to the timeline!). We have got to move away from just text responses - especially at K12 level. I want to add images to Matching questions and Categorisation questions. I want to be able to use Fill in the blank in a table (like I did with Old Quizzes). I want a quiz with multiple hotspots - its a huge amount of work for just answer. and 


Office365  Sorry, a pet peeve. Please sort out embedding of Office365 in pages. Desperately trying to move away from lists and lists of stuff in Modules. Please enable sharing from NON-PERSONALISED spaces - 


Need to be able to annotate on screen just like in OneNote. That also includes Assignments and Quizzes. Do it an make massive in-roads to the OneNote market..


Canvas need to start creating more flexible options in the features. Struggling a little when you are both K12 and a different education system - grading in particular needs more attention eg Canvas not making the Grade (visible)...and 

Thanks for posting  @yumia_hobbs ‌ - rather cathartic!

Community Champion

  1. Outcomes should be linked at the assignment level. 
  2. New quizzes reports need linking to the question in an item bank for easy corrections.
  3. Internal Linking of pages needs improvement for page renaming.

I also agree with all of the other lists.