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Your ideas of Canvas' best kept secrets


I am curious if you would please share your ideas for Canvas' best kept secrets. If you have a workshop coming up for faculty and you want them to say, "Wow, I didn't know you could do that," what would you share with them?  We are past the basics (e.g. embedding audio/video with the media comment tool).

Thanks in advance.


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You can Grade with Emoji!

Community Team
Community Team

Just a head's up to everyone who has generously contributed and for anyone else who is interested: Tomorrow (March 29), I'm going to do a screen-sharing session of ten of the ideas I've cherry-picked from this discussion. You'll find the details at LIVE Share: March Madness .

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I just attended the LIVE Share: March Madness. Thank you so much stefaniesanders​ for your valuable and time saving tips. Getting the Editor menu bar to appear is awesome!!! Now I don't have to remember all my HTML tags and syntax. I might copy your idea and host some webinars featuring the best kept secrets. Thank you to everyone who shared their contributions with you.

Thanks! It was fun. Smiley Happy I'll post an update here when the course is available in Commons.

I also used the contributions to present a workshop for Phoenix College faculty a couple weeks ago.  Unfortunately, I couldn't use everything (it had to fit to 50 minutes).  Here are the materials if anyone is interested.


 @julie_magadan ​, these are great resources; thanks for the links!

You are most welcome!


Community Team
Community Team

Everyone, I've shared the course containing the artifacts to Commons. It's called "Canvas's Best-Kept Secrets--Commons Share," and you should be able to find it by using the tags "community review" "canvas" "canvaslms" or "training." Enjoy!

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Thanks stefaniesanders​ for putting this resource together! Well-worth the import from Commons! Smiley Happy

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This one is really simple but most of my faculty don't even know it exists. I love to have my gradebook total column at the front of the gradebook. By putting it at the front, the grades scroll and the total column stays stationary. To make this happen just click on the small down arrow in the total column header and select the "Move to front" option:

move to front.png

When it is done it looks like this: