Youtube App does not show up after installed - no icon any advice? Thanks

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Hello ,

I added an App (Youtube) and it does not show as a small icon when I create content for a page, Discussion, etc. Any advice why it is not showing up? It says it is installed.


Michael MacDonald

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Community Coach

Hi  @mmacdonald  Thank You for posting your question.  The YouTube LTI that you added may be hiding within the blue arrow icon shown here:

Rich Content Editor

LTI tools are added first to the RCE toolbar (as you can see I have a couple installed to the left of the blue arrow).  But, then there isn't enough room for the they are put in a list in the order that they were added (either at the account level or the course level).  Unfortunately, there isn't a way to re-order them without uninstalling each app and then installing them again in the order that you want.  Not ideal, IMHO.

Also, back to the YouTube stuff...  have you checked out the information in this Guide?  How do I link to a YouTube video in the Rich Content Editor as an instructor?  I would argue that there is actually a 4th way to insert YouTube videos into your course that does not need the YouTube LTI.  You can harvest the embed code from a YouTube video and paste it into your page.  For example, check out the steps under "Embed a video": Embed videos & playlists - YouTube Help.  Once you have copied the embed code (Ctrl+C on a PC), then do the following in Canvas:

  1. When editing a content page, place your cursor where you want to insert the video.
  2. Press Alt+F9 on your computer's keyboard.  This will bring up a hidden menu in your RCE.
  3. Select Insert >> Media.
  4. Click on the Embed tab.
  5. Paste in (Ctrl+V) your embed code you harvested from YouTube, and click Ok.

Your YouTube video will be nicely displayed on your course page.  Don't forget to save your changes.

I hope this will help, Michael.  Please sing out if you have any questions...thanks!

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