Youtube links not showing in recorded version?

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Hi, Team Canvas Instructure,

I am recording my Conferences with the students. The recording that's uploaded as link later does not include the YouTube video that I shared.

I had used a Youtube link and clicked on "Action" :smileyplus: sign and clicked on "Share External Video". I had put in the Youtube link. It worked perfectly fine and my students were able to see the video during the live conference.

But in the same conference, after I have ended it and I'm viewing the recording, it only shows the default or the previous screen. I can hear the audio though, of only mine. Not the Youtube one.

Please help

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Community Team
Community Team

Hello,  @farnekf ‌,

Thank you for submitting your question! Unfortunately, even though video playback will show during a live conference, that video playback will not appear in processed recordings. 

Hope this helps!



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