Zoom Integration - do I create unique OAuth Apps for each course I teach?

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I am going to be teaching 3 different classes on Zoom and want to direct the recordings appropriately. It sees to me that I would need three different OAuth Apps in order to do that.  Is that correct?

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Hi @DavidCottrell ...

We have the Zoom Pro LTI app integrated in our Canvas environment at the account level (vs. the course level), and when people want to launch a Zoom meeting via the Canvas interface and then record that Zoom meeting, the recordings are stored within the Zoom interface for the course that they are logged into.  It's all handled automatically.  And, there's even an option to access all recordings from your Zoom profile...no matter which course you are in.

Maybe you'd want to have a conversation with your school's local Canvas administrator about having Zoom integrated at the Canvas account level instead of at the course level?  This way, it Zoom would be available to more than just you.

I hope I am understanding your question correctly.  Sing out if you have other questions.

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Thank you for the information.

Here is what I think is a solution for my situation.  BTW, we do have zoom integration in Canvas.

Here is my situation: I teach 3 courses, all on zoom.  I record every class ( a big advantage of online, synchronous teaching) and wish to allow the students access to these recordings. Zoom deletes files from the cloud after 60 days. So I am planning on solving this in the following manner:

1. record all zoom classes and have them automatically uploaded to my Studio.

2. create a Collection for each class and move all uploaded Studio recordings into the appropriate collection.

3. create a group for each class, consisting of everyone in the class.

4. Share the appropriate collection with the appropriate group.

5. instruct the students that in order to access the class recordings they will need to select the far left "Studio" icon/Shared with me/name of collection.


Is that the easiest way to do this?

Thanks, David

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