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Zoom Integration in Canvas for Office Hours across Multiple Classes

I'm posting the following query for a colleague:

Is there a way to have a single Zoom meeting for office hours that can be integrated across all classes in Canvas. When he tries to add the same Zoom meeting for office hours to multiple classes in Canvas, it appears that the Zoom meeting is already assigned to a different course, and that he cannot add it to another class.

He knows he can create a recurring meeting to use for office hours across his classes, but he'd like students to be able to link to office hours directly through the Zoom menu item in Canvas - rather than having to share the office hours link some other way like on the calendar. He doesn't want different Zoom office hours meetings for each class.

Thank you for in advance if you have solution.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @DD4 ...

Would your colleague be open to using the Personal Meeting Room Zoom URL that should be the same no matter which course he is logged in to?  Here's some information I found on Zoom's website: Using Personal Meeting ID (PMI).  That way, he doesn't have to schedule separate meetings...which generates different Zoom Meeting IDs...all the time.  Not sure if he would be open to this, but I thought I'd throw it out as a possibility.