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audio quality issues

Audio quality when rendering videos through PPT is already compressed, but after uploading to Canvas I have started to notice it gets much worse. It is not really acceptable, with a slight crackle or distortion surrounding everything being said (due to over compression). I tested this extensively, and this distorton is not present in the videos before being uploaded. I checked my videos on canvas from the previous semester, and I can now hear it there as well. Once heard it is hard to unhear it.

I understand saving space is an issue, but I have found no options on Canvas itself for leaving the videos as they are rather than re-encoding them for the site, which is quite frustrating. 

I then bought a 100 dollar mic, it sounded great, but still sounded bad after uploading new videos to Canvas. I then dusted off my old copy of powerpoint 2007, which allowed you to record at near lossless levels of quality, but sure enough those recordings sounded just 'ok' after being uploaded to Canvas.

Yes, I could use other software for recording videos. But powerpoint, though clunky, allows you to save recordings slide by slide, or move them around, without having to restart the entire recording. If anyone has other suggestions for fixing this in Canvas, or for software that allows this (and the ability to record lossless audio) I am all ears.


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