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calendar merge

I have moved last year's class information to this year's classes. All last year's  events and assignments are on the current calendar for my students to see. This confuses freshmen! Is there a way for me to keep them for me to see but not my students?

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Hi,  @hartline1 ‌! For the old assignments, you can unpublish them, which will leave them visible to you but not to the students. I am not sure about the events though.

Another strategy is to use an empty class (often called a sandbox course or a practice course) as an archive for the older assignments and events.

I hope that helps!  

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Like  @dhulsey ‌ we use the unpublish method as a way to keep materials handy for reuse but away from the students eyes. For repeated classes its a great way to have a log of announcements from last mod. They both serve as a reminder when things need to go out and you can also reuse them. Unfortunately, you can't unpublish events.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Since Events are created to attach to a specific day, even after a content import during which you "remove all dates" these Events will appear as Undated Items. I agree with you Stefanie; it can be confusing! Generally, when copying content into a new term, I skip Events but copy everything else that can be unpublished. Those Events can be pesky to move one-by-one, even with a drag-and-drop on the calendar, but it can be really tiresome to delete each one. One thing that has worked well for me in the past is to keep a log of the event "content" in a Google Doc. That way, the next time I teach the class, I have all of the content ready to go...copy/paste style!