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can molearn canvas be used on windows xp

i have windows xp and the browser i use is google chrome and because of my old software google chrome can not up date so i'm having a hard time to get online to do my online class work is there around this so i can move forward please

                                                                                                             asberry patrick student

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @apat448417  , and  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

This is something I get! I am still running XP on my old laptop. I also hunt brontosauruses in my spare time, but that is another story.

Anyways, I think that you will be able to download a more recent and supported version of FireFox that will still work in your XP environment.  FireFox , like Chrome, plays very nicely with Canvas.  You can find a download to try at Firefox.

No guarantees!


Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Greetings  @apat448417  Smiley Happy

Welcome to the Canvas Community!

In all candor, and if possible, I would strongly recommend that you upgrade your PC to a more recent version.  As you may know, but just in case. Microsoft discontinued support for their longest running, and supported Operating System April 8, 2014 The Day XP Died... 

With that in mind, patching that would fill the cracks of vulnerability are no longer being filled, leaving you an open prey to various cyber-predators (hackers, crackers, and script-kiddies OH MY!!!).

Depending on your situation, there may be alternatives to assist with this situation at your school, or community.

At any rate.  It's so very nice to meet you, and I look forward to connecting with you further in our Canvas Community!

Have a SUPER Day!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi again,  @apat448417 

As is usual,  @tlampley  is spot-on correct. 

To add what Timothy said, depending on your actual PC or laptop, you may not even be able to upgrade to Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 because your motherboard won't support them. This can be challenging for many people.  We were not all born with a silver spoon, so-to-speak. I get that! I mean, I really get that!

However, you may have some help available.

  • Check your school. Many schools sell (at incredibly low prices) their surplussed computers (typically with much newer OSs than XP), and have student discounts on MS software purchases.
  • The Microsoft Store offers some great student discounts.
  • There are manufacturing outlets for refurbished computers like Dell.
  • Amazon has some great deals on refurbished computers. I mean like, WOWIE ZOWIE! When I went to get the link I found them as low as $135, and bought one - preloaded with Windows 10! My Granddaughter will be so happy!
  • And, here is a search page for free computers for low-income folks!
  • Finally, if you are a college student and your college is being paid for by any of the various agencies and organizations, they may also be able to provide you a computer.

Good luck!