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changing the username

 i entered wrong information in  my daughter account so how i can delete it and get new account for her


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In my case, my profile used to show my name, but at some point it began to default to my husbands online gaming name, spaminabox. Someone from Canvas commented on this, but I find no place to change it. Am I going to be known as spaminabox forever? I would prefer Elizabeth.

Hello there, @ElizabethWI (Elizabeth)...

When you are here logged in to the Canvas Community website, click on your avatar picture at the top right corner of the screen.  Then, click on "My settings".  The screen that I see when I go there lets me change my Community username.  Are you able to do that as well?

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Sadly, no, I do not see anything in My Settings that will let me change my username... I may be doomed to wander the community as Spaminabox! I see there have been some other responses, so I will browse them and see if anyone has any ideas. I see my work email is correct, and I have to log in using my work authentication, so how I became Spaminabox remains a mystery!

Thanks for the idea, though!




Community Team
Community Team

@Rudaina Are you trying to change the username on your profile in this forum or in your daughter's Canvas account?