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couldn't find any students associated with this account

Canvas student account is set up and working fine. But Canvas parent app would not allow me to login with following message - "couldn't find any students associated with this account"

-I can login on chrome browser in Canvas parents. The issues i am seeing is on Android app. 

- school district has been chosen correctly

-un/pw are correctly entered

-tried both with pairing code and QR code. None of the method works

-When I use web login, I can see that account shows my mobile device under "approved integration" 



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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @sjani -

It sounds like you've been very thoughtful with this! What do you see when you access Canvas with a browser? Do you see courses on your Dashboard?

@KristinL @sjani 

I am having the same issues. I have done each of the steps that @sjani has done. I see full dashboards in the web browser but the app will no find students regardless of how I try to log in (QR or UN/pw). I have submitted a help desk ticket, still waiting to hear. I've also restarted and reinstalled both phone and app.

I know that this isn't great news, but I would recommend sending a Support Ticket so your district's canvas administrator can be in contact with Canvas Support. How do I get help with the Canvas Parent app on my Android device? 

@KristinL  I had already submitted a ticket. It did get resolved at the district level this morning.

Do you happen to know how the issue was resolved?  We are experiencing the same problem in our district.  I was on a live chat this morning but they had to escalate the issue to level 2 and we're still waiting to hear back...

@lindsey_zmolik Unfortunately, no. I just was told to test the app to see if it had been corrected.

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@lindsey_zmolik I came across this post when searching for a solution to this error -- looks like if the term is not live that parents receive this error message.