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create an image gallery

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How do I create an image gallery in Canvas? I teach art history. I want to be able to create image galleries (5-20 images each) for students to study. Some images will appear on quizzes. Please understand that I am a novice, I am easily frustrated and extremely technophobic. It will help me (and possibly others) if answers are in simple clear English and if all technical terms are defined. Please don't assume I have any real understanding of this thing because I don't. Thank you.  image gallery art history

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I use Padlet with my art students all the time. They love it, and they would agree; it's really easy to learn! We use it to create galleries of their work, share resources, swap ideas, etc. We've found many different uses for Padlet, and I am also surprised that more teachers don't utilize it. :smileygrin:

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Hilda, I have experimented with that and made Powerpoints that worked pretty well. Someone in the thread already suggested Powerpoints and their related pdfs. I was thinking that they weren't opening, but it was more a case that they were opening slowly. My college Canvas admin has assured me that I have plenty of space, even though Powerpoints are big files. It is absolutely true that I would like to have these galleries in my Canvas structure--to the greatest extent possible I like to consolidate. So thanks!

Damn that autocorrect. Hildi. Sorry about that.


My guess is that one thing you lose that way is the annotations. For me, the idea is to always have a link with an image so that students can go somewhere to learn more. So in my image randomizer, for example, there's a link that goes from the image to the blog post I made for each image. I know most students probably don't click... but sometimes they do! 🙂

Widget: Indian Images: Laura's Widget Warehouse 

And since working with my students on image attribution in their own blogs / websites is an important part of my class, I like to model the same idea for them: connect the images to more information online, instead of images free-floating in cyberspace. 🙂

screenshot of Indian Images widget

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I want to thank one and all and express how delighted I am that my question has been converted into a discussion. There are so many good ideas here! As an adjunct, I notice the emptiness in my pedagogy, scholarship and creative imagination that comes from not having a group of colleagues to enrich my life. As a former art museum educator I am devoted to the ideal of the team and the extraordinary results that emerge in a collaborative environment.

I'll respond individually--but what a great group you are!

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You're very welcome! The community is one of THE best things about Canvas! It was great to read about all the different ideas, suggestions and thoughts...

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Native possibilities in Canvas:

  • Pages: You could use a page in Canvas. Upload the photos to your files and then embed them in the page and put your commentary under each image.
  • Discussions: You could create a discussion board for each set of artwork and you could generate the replies yourself instead of having the student reply. Each reply could contain an image and its commentary.

The easiest option outside of Canvas is a Google Slide Show that is view only. You can either link to it or embed it in a page.

Hmmm. Rather than  Powerpoint, use Google Slides and link/embed. It's almost the same thing but ultimately perhaps more efficient? Thanks, Brenda Fields!

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AGREED!  I teach photography and I need a method to post photos, and host an online critique - where students must comment on their fellow student's work.  In other words, I need some sort of gallery - and ability for students to comment on each photo. 

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Thanks for the great discussion starter Ellen.

Lots of cool ideas emerging, AND rich dialogue. Love it.

Although you say your tech skills are lacking and you have a genuine fear of learning new tech skills I applaud how you have got your head around my personal favourite Padlet. As soon as I saw your question Padlet came to mind. Nice work. As a few people have mentioned it can be used in many ways, and new uses just seem to evolve depending on the purpose of set tasks. And it embeds so beautifully into a Canvas page. Sometimes it takes a bit of courage and time to wrestle with a new tool before it settles in to becoming part of the furniture.  Dip Your Toe In The Water 

My next adventure is experimenting with powerpoint via Collaborations. That looks like fun. I've been using the Word potential there, now it's time to branch out. 

I also need to jot down some of the cool ideas mentioned in this discussion and make time to get my head around those.

Best of luck with your galleries.

See you in the Community more.

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Hello friends. I just got some bad news. Padlet has changed its structure. Instead of having unlimited free padlets one is now restricted to fifteen (15). You want more, it will cost $8.25 a month. I am seriously bummed. I actually went and built three (3) image galleries for my upcoming course and I thought they looked just swell. But there are fourteen sessions and I would need at least twelve, maybe thirteen galleries for Cubism. Even if I clean off some of what I have (and when they notified me I had twelve padlets, a couple of which were dedicated to Cubism), fifteen will never be enough. I get that they are not a nonprofit--but I am not willing to pay $100 a year or thereabouts to have this source for my students. So sad. 😞 

So back to Powerpoint. Some of you suggested Google slides, at least in part because Google is already integrated into Canvas. I am taking a big breath and committing to--AAAACK!!!--trying something new, which for me is Google Slides. 

Thanks for all the ideas and moral support. What I need to figure out is 1) how to set up a gallery in Google Slides and 2) how to embed each gallery in the appropriate module. I should also look up the word "embed." I am not at all sure what it really means in this context.  Cheers.

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Hi ellenbcutlerwhat a shame about Padlet. I will keep my subscription paid as life will be tricky without it! But good on you for looking elsewhere.

When I 'embed' something I see it as making it live on the Canvas page without having to leave Canvas to see it or interact with it.

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Some interesting alternatives being posted in response to Padlet's news. This courtesy of a tweet from laurakgibbs earlier in the week - 

Also WebJets looks rather interesting -

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Thanks Gideon. Those sites recommended that are free are at first glance ugly, confusing and worthless. We’ll see if I change my mind. WebJets might be more promising. But damn I want Padlet back.

I've paid for Padlet from the start; to me, it is money well spent. I don't mind paying for an excellent service, so I have premium accounts at Diigo, Inoreader, Flickr, and a few other services that I could not do without. 🙂

Maybe I can add it to business expenses? It’s just that the change came without warning… although my head is usually deep in the sand when it comes to these things. I will say that nothing is remotely like Padlet. Right now I am messing with Slides and Powerpoint. Slides just doesn’t work for me—the design features are so awkward, non intuitive and unattractive. Powerpoint is something I know well, but the process is slow.

Good to know what you think.

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We use a simple 'Carousel' frequently for such a slideshow need. I'm pretty sure the functionality is built into Canvas...but I'm not positive; it could be custom code our developers supplied.

Note this page:

Canvas LMS StyleGuide 

It could be in there...but there are lots of neat things included with Canvas that aren't terribly difficult to include (depending your comfort level with HTML/CSS).

This thread also has a lengthy, similar discussion: 

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Erik, Owl Carousel seems like a terrific idea but all I could find in the way of instructions was technogibberish and I just can’t deal with that. And of course, code is so far outside my capabilities that it resides beyond the Milky Way.

Do you know of any clear and coherent instructions for how to use OC and build such a slide display? Is there any way to include captions/text? And how exactly would one get such a thing working inside a Canvas module?

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Wish I could help, but I've no experience with Owl Carousel Smiley Sad

The Carousel feature we use is, I believe, built in to Canvas...but I don't know for certain.

Owl Carousel looks neat, but you likelly need some sort of 'backend' assistance (whomever manages your Canvas instance) to get the JS library loaded. Once the Canvas pages can access the library (i.e. see this page:

Installation | Owl Carousel | 2.3.3 )

Then building the actual gallery doesn't seem crazy (looking at the demo pages:

Demos | Owl Carousel | 2.3.3 

But 'crazy' depends entirely on your experience with such things Smiley Happy