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dashboard constantly loading

my question is the same as this one (, which does not have an answer yet

my dashboard looks like this whenever I log into canvas but it successfully loads if i open in incognito mode or on my phone tho. I'm using chrome and windows 10



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good evening, @DDDK …

By chance, have you tried using a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox to see if those course cards show the way they’re supposed to?  Also, have you made sure that your Chrome browser is up-to-date?  One thing you could try is to clear your browser history/cache files.  Follow the instructions in one of these Guides, close the browser, then re-start to see if anything has changed:

If none of the above resolve this issue, I think it may be a good idea to contact the folks at the Canvas Help Desk.  They may have some other ideas for you to try.  How do I contact Canvas Support? - Instructure Community

If you do contact Canvas Support, please come back to this posting to provide an update letting Community members know how they were able to help you get this resolved.

Thanks…and good luck!