do teachers "start a new course" each year or edit last year's course?

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If you are inheriting a course from another teacher do you "start a new course" and import any material/modules you want to use into this year's "new" course?

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Hello there, @ShannonLong ...

This may depend on how your school chooses to do things with Canvas courses.  I can tell you, from my own experience, that at my school we have new course shells each semester.  Our instructors import (copy) content either from a past semester course or a "master" course into the up-coming semester course.  In this way, students are only enrolled in the courses they are taking that particular semester.  And, if someone were to challenge anything in the course later on, you can look back on that semester's course compared to what it might look like in a current/future course.  This sort of gives you a history of what the course used to look like many semesters ago compared to any modifications you've made to the current/future course, too.

I hope this helps a bit.

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