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downloading/saving a group list

Is it possible to download the list of people in the Groups I have created? I have four groups and I would like to have them as an excel or word table.

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Hi there, @carrol_quadrio ...

I don't believe there are any reports you can download that will automatically separate out your students by group.  However, you could download a listing of your students either in the Gradebook or via New Analytics.  Here are a couple Guides for you to look through:

I hope this will be of some help to you.  Sing out if you have any other questions...thanks!  Take well.

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@carrol_quadrio, if you are the teacher of a course in the current term (or between its start and end dates in Settings, if those are governing availability), then yes, there is a report of group members available within your group tab under People.  Depending on permissions at your institution, designers, TAs and certain admins can also use this.

The steps are in the group import instructions:

@Chris_Hofer, this is still not terribly-well-known since the 2020-10-21 deploy; that resulted in theBatch Group Management idea conversation being noted as completed, but not yet Group Roster Export.

Good morning, @RobDitto ...

Thanks for sharing this additional information.  Good to know!

Hope all is well with you!  Take care...