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drawing in Canvas

What is the easiest way for young students (using ipads) to draw their responses in Canvas?  Our district has not approved the use of Seesaw, Kami, or Nearpod.  I have tried google assignment with Jamboard.  However, it does not work well.  

I have also tried uploading PDF's for them to draw on.  This works with limited success.  However, it is a bit clunky for kids to submit.  It would be nice if the PDF would automatically open on the page and if there was a submit button at the bottom. (With little to no scrolling/selecting external tools.)


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @cpikaart

The easiest way to annotate with Canvas is directly in the app itself using the annotation tools. Student can annotate any PDF linked in the assignment description: 

How do I submit a PDF assignment with annotations in the Student app on my iOS device? 

This works for iOS and Android.

Students can also annotate on any PDF inside the course and use the share sheet to submit it as an assignment. The only catch is an assignment has to be available, so it's generally easier to attached the PDF to the assignment itself.