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duplicating assignment (sections/due dates/times included)

I plan to format my quizzes in this way quite often (see screenshot), but it is time consuming to enter in the various due dates/times for each class period, especially for my course with three different sections. (I do want to have those due dates/times vary per section since it helps me monitor on time vs. late submissions.)
I was hoping to be able to duplicate this for the future and just change the name of the assignment and dates (times for each section would stay the same) to make things easier. But when I duplicate an assignment, only the directions from the rich content editor are retained. The information for sections/dates/times drops off. Is there a way to work around this? Thanks in advance.
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I have a similar question.  I want to duplicate who the assignment is assigned to.  I have to create a separate quiz for students who are participating asynchronously in my course.  I wanted to create a group in canvas of these students and just assign each quiz to the group....but that does not work.  So I wanted to set up the first quiz and assign it to the 35 individuals who participate asynchronously and then copy the quiz and change the problems but not have to reassign it to the 35 people again.  And no such luck.  I have 38 quizzes I have to do this way and it would be helpful not to have to worry about making an error in choosing the students to assign it to and not to have the labor of searching for and picking the 35 students in the group every time. 

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I have the same question. I have a lot of sections with different meeting times and quiz due dates in the same canvas course. Each time I create or duplicate a quiz, I have to re-enter many due dates and times. It would save a lot of time if "duplicate" also duplicated the sections/ due dates/ times. Not just the quiz itself.

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