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edit User Dashboard

My User Dashboard shows all the classes I have taken on Canvas.  I need to edit it to remove my old courses, or at least send them to the bottom.  How can I change this so that it's not distracting from my schooling? It's adding unnecessary clutter and confusion to managing my homework.

Thank you for your time,


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Community Team
Community Team

Hi! Michael's advice is correct! You can remove any course from your dashboard by clicking Courses, then All Courses, and finally adjusting the starred items (Also see: How do I customize my Course list?) If you would like to leave previous courses listed on your dashboard, but just send them to the bottom of your screen, you can create a nickname for a course. Courses should sort in alphabetical order. So, by including "17S" to represent 2017 Spring, then your desired course nickname (ie: 17S EDU250), those items should be displayed before courses without numbers in the nickname.

how do you put them in the order YOU want - not alphabetical?

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @leontis , there isn’t a way directly in Canvas to do this, but you can accomplish it using the following Canvancement -‌.