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Students may be able to download their e-portfolio, but what does a cadet do with their file on a thumb-drive? Is there a platform that they can upload it to so that they can manage it themselves (without Canvas)?


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Just to get some more information to help:

Are you saying that the cadet downloaded their e-portfolio and now wants to display them outside of Canvas?

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Yes, is it possible?

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@candie ...

Do you know if your school has explored Portfolium?  This is a partnership that was announced a few years ago at an InstructureCon conference.  As I understand it, it's a free integration with Canvas.  It has a lot more features than what Canvas ePortfolios have to offer.  You might want to have a conversation with your school's local Canvas administrator or someone from your school's Online Learning/eLearning department.  They may be able to have a conversation with your school's assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM) at Instructure about getting it enabled at your school.  You might want to check out these resources, too:

I hope this will help a bit.  Sing out if you have any other question about this...thanks!  Be well...

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So when you download the zip file of your eportfolio you get two things

  1. Any files that were attached to the portfolio
    1. Lets say John attaches a Public Speaking assignment to his portfolio.
    2. When he downloads the zip, he will find the PowerPoint that he submitted to the original Public Speaking assignment.
  2. What looks like HTML code for the eportfolio
    1. This will just look like links/text unless you add CSS code to it. You would also need to host this code somewhere (basically make a website).

So yes, a student could take the files and theoretically host them somewhere else, but it would take a bit of know how on the students end.

If a student just wants to grab files from past submissions, they can alternatively: Sign-in to Canvas > click their profile picture (account) > click files > click "My Files" > click "Submissions". Here they can see past submissions they made to courses and download any of them.

To support what Chofer said, Portfolium looks like a nicer version of eportfolio. eportfolio is clunky, slow to use, and as you can see kind of difficult to host outside of Canvas. Portfolium seems like it has some really neat features (and I would imagine) it's probably a bit nicer to use. I hope this helps answer your question.