external tool LTI assessment: assignment placement tool not issuing content item selection request

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I would like to assign a quiz that is hosted by an external tool and connected to Canvas through Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). However, the placement for the assignment tool is failing to direct me to the external tool's deep linking page. Instead, it is taking me to the default landing page inside my external tool. I believe the source of the problem is that the placement for the assignment tool is sending the wrong lti_message_type. It should issue the value ContentItemSelectionRequest but is instead issuing basic-lti-launch-request as its value.

I am following these instructions:



Could the problem be that my external tool uses the same URI for both message types? My external tool reads the lti_message_type and if its value is ContentItemSelectionRequest it directs the user to the deep link page. If the value is basic-lti-launch-request the tool directs the user to the requested resource, which in this case is the default landing page. Regardless, Canvas should issue ContentItemSelectionRequest as the lti_message_type for this placement.

Is there a configuration setting I can control that would force the placement to issue the correct lti_message_type?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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