had to change due date on quiz for a late student; now I can't find the on-time student answers!

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Hi All,


So here's my problem: 

I gave a QUIZ on canvas (actually a midterm). Students had two days in which to do the 90-minute exam. Almost all of the students did it. I haven't graded them yet (they are all short answer and require detailed grading). A student had a covid-related excuse to do it later (after the deadline). To accommodate  him, I went to the quiz (actually midterm) entered just him as the addressee and changed the time window for the quiz (actually the midterm) so he could do it. 

I see that 27 have taken the quiz already. But now I can't see any of their quiz answers. It's like canvas knows they did the quiz, but also can't show their answers to me (the instructor) anymore. 

Any tips on how to recover the hidden exam answers? I can't have them all do it again. 

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Hello @lemmycautionu this is a common "mistake" that is made.  When you entered just that student in the assign to box, you basically unassigned it from every other student.  To single a student out, you want to click the " + Add" button at the bottom of the "Assign To" box so that it creates a second box.  You leave the everyone in the first box and then put the student with the different due date in the second box.  Once you do this, you will see the first assign to box switch to "Everyone Else" as Canvas detected that one of those students that is part of everyone now has a different due date.  You can do this now to get everything back.





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