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how do you cancel a flexible learning plan?

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how do you cancel a flexible learning plan once you've set a master plan for a class?

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OK,  @jling , thanks to the thorough and thoughtful assistance of my fellow coach  @kmeeusen ​, I've learned that the "Flexible Learning Tool" to which you refer is most likely part of the LTI app Integration of Cloud-Based Learning Management System with Student Information System | SoftServe  or of some other external app (Kelley tells me that Pearson MyLab incorporates something with a similar name). I've received additional confirmation from Community Director  @scottdennis  that the "Flexible Learning Tool" is not a thing in Canvas. Smiley Happy

However, although external apps and LTIs such as these are not part of Canvas, it's possible you're seeing a navigation link in your Canvas courses to a Flexible Learning Tool if someone designed the course to link to an external application--which means that to you, it looks like it's part of Canvas, even though it is not.

How are you seeing and accessing the flexible learning tool in your Canvas courses?

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Yes, it is a link on my navigation for my courses:

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Hi John,

This is almost certainly an add-on that your institution has integrated into Canvas.  I apologize that we don't have access to the information we'd need to help you.  I would echo Stefanie's original advice about contacting someone at your local institution.


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Community Coach

One other quick note John, do you notice any branding one the page you are taken to when you click that link? That might help us identify the vendor. I strongly suspect it is SoftServe.


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Nope, no branding at all.  I checked in my course settings for installed apps and there's nothing specifying flexible learning, nor is there an app that looks like would do this.  Unless Vimeo, YouTube or Quizlet does.

 @jling ​, if it's a link in your Canvas course navigation, and you do not see it in your course settings for installed apps, that strongly implies that it was configured at the account level and populated in all Canvas courses at your school....and that leads directly to contacting your school's Canvas admin, as  @scottdennis   ​has suggested.

And if you ever solve this mystery, please take a moment to come back to this discussion and let us know the result: Now, we're all on tenterhooks! Smiley Happy

Flexible Learning is a tool developed by Canvas Professional Services.  John can submit a Canvas help ticket for help with regards to this tool because while it is an add-on, it was developed by Professional Services.  I know this is a late reply, but I came across this while I was searching for something else.

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Mystery solved! 🙂

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