how to submit external tool quiz as part of a module requirement

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I am using prerequisites and requirements for the first time to allow my university students to progress through much of my course at their own pace.

I also use MyLab and Mastering as an external tool. 

I had set up a chapter MyLab and Mastering quiz as the final module component before progressing to the next module.  I set the requirement for the quiz as submit.

However, I have several students who had completed the quiz but there is no actual submit button for the quiz for canvas so the students cannot progress to the next module.

Has anyone else had this problem?


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As a work-around you can change the module requirement to mark complete, which will create a button that students can click - unfortunately they will be able to proceed by clicking that button without taking the quiz. 

The module requirement to submit a "new quiz" (which is also designed as an external tool) does work as expected, so you might report this to canvas support.  The partner integration might need improvements.

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