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howto enable Resource Previews

The help canvas community document for using Commons mentions having an administrator enable Resource Previews. I've checked many of the areas where settings are manipulated and can't determine where to enable this feature. Can you help?

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Hello @WesleyNorton ,

Settings for Commons will not be listed under the Root Account settings. Have you tried accessing the Admin tab after opening Commons? That is where you would see Account Settings for Commons.


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Thank you, @SimoneS for replying. Yes, I have looked through all of those settings. I'm not able to find anything regarding enabling the resource previews. I looked through the link you sent and didn't see anything specific. Unless I'm missing something on all of those tabs, there are only 7 settings that can be manipulated. Those are all contained on the "Account Settings" tab and are the following:


Allow Approved Content for 
Allow users to share to public account
Allow users to view publicly shared content
Allow content featured by Instructure
Configure default search filters

Standards & Outcomes

Show Common Core Standards
Show State Standards
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I did a little more digging. My conclusions are the Customer Success Manager has the ability to enable/disable this feature or, more likely, it is no longer optional and everyone should be able to preview resources in Commons before importing them. Were you looking to turn it off? 

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Thanks for the information @SimoneS . No, it's not currently working. I had a teacher find the info I put in the initial post when they tried to understand why the preview didn't work. I've already emailed my CSM. Hopefully, they'll get back to me someday. Thanks again for your help!

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