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iOS Act As

I am trying to Act As a student in the iOS app.

I am prompted to enter the User ID - in the guide it states enter the Canvas ID

When I search a student - there is a login, SIS ID, Integration ID - nothing labeled as User ID or Canvas ID.

Can something tell me where I can find the ID that will allow me to act as?

As I side note when I enter the SIS ID - it logs me in as a completely different user? Seems like a security flaw and issue...

Thanks for your help!

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Community Coach
Community Coach


The Act as user never works for me either in the mobile app, but what I've found does work is to use the QR Login option.  Here is what I do.

  • On a computer, act as a user
  • Navigate to Accounts, QR for Mobile login
  • On your mobile device use the QR Code login option and scan the code from your computer.

Normally if I'm trying to troubleshoot something, which is why I'd do this, I'm already at my computer so the workflow is simple.  Plus, I hate tying anything on my mobile device so the QR login really works so much better.

Hope this helps


Community Coach
Community Coach


When you use the Act As feature, I've always used the information from the URL that is available from the Admin panel and then People. When looking at a profile, you'll see a URL similar to this:

In this case, I would enter 7725.

This has worked for me consistently in the Canvas Student, Canvas Parent, and Canvas Teacher apps. @rmurchshafer and @tina_christophe - What happens for you when you try this route?