iOS Speed Grader App storage issues

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Our teachers are using the iOS app to grade assignments. Those that have been using the app for a few months are now receiving an error message on their iPad stating storage is nearly full.

When we check settings - storage and usage - Speed Grader is using 4.5 GB of space.

Is there a way to clear this so the app is not taking up memory on the iPad?

We use other apps that allow us to clear cache within the app.

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Community Coach

Hello  @tina_christophe ​...

I've been chatting with someone from the Instructure Help Desk about your posting, and it sounds like this has been reported as an issue as it relates to deleting files and setting a cap within the app.  The technician is attaching our chat conversation to the tracker so they are able to reference the question you have posted here as well.  It doesn't appear that clearing cache will solve the issue.  Another suggestion by the technician was to try and remove (uninstall) the app from your iPad, and then re-install it to see if that makes a difference.  Give that a shot to see if it helps.  Let us know by coming back here to share your results.  Thanks.

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