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iOS Student & Parent app shows Missing for Not Graded Assignment

I assign reading assignments to be "Not Graded" Assignments for the Submission Type -- so it shows up on the students' Assignment Lists, To Do List, Calendar, etc., but it does NOT show up in the gradebook and students obviously do not submit anything for it. 

However -- on the parent and student iOS app (and perhaps Android, I haven't asked yet), parents and students are both seeing reading assignments with the big red "Missing" Indicator, as well as a "Turn In" option for students.  Of course, when students click "Turn In",  nothing happens (as the submission type is Not Graded), but there is even a Message Instructor link -- where students can type a message to me -- but it goes no where.  I can't seem to find where I would receive it.  

We use the New Gradebook, and I can't manually take off the Missing Tag from the app -- and obviously can't from my gradebook on my desktop browser, because the assignment is not IN my gradebook (again, not graded). 

Any thoughts on solving any of this?  We have several angry students and parents seeing so many missing reading assignments!  Thanks.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @nelenzmartin  - 

I tested this in my courses, and I was unable to duplicate the inaccurate "missing" tag. I created an assignment with "No Submission", just like you mentioned. Like you, the assignment did not create a column in my (new) gradebook.

From the calendar view in the Canvas Student iOS app, I was able to see the assignment. I then read the details about the assignment itself. From the submission tab on the assignment, the "Turn In" and "Comment" options were grayed out. The Grade page said -/- out of -/0.

From the course in the Canvas Student iOS app, I found the grades page from the left-hand navigation and then the assignment. A "n/a" was listed in the score column without a missing tag.

I checked these from the browser, and didn't see anything out of the ordinary.‌ - has anyone experienced what Nicole has with her students and observers?

Thanks so much, Kristin, for looking into this and testing it out. I was actually referring to the Not Graded assignment type (as opposed to No Submission, which I believe is what you tested). Would you mind checking to see if you can duplicate this with creating an assignment that is “Not Graded”, and then seeing how it looks for a student in the Student App? And/or the parent app? 

With BOTH “no submission” and “not graded” actually, the app still shows the big red MISSING next to the assignment, even if students received a grade for the “No Submission”.  

Thanks! I’m now wondering if maybe this has to do with the New Gradebook? 

Hi Nicole -

I tried this with "Not Graded" as well. I, too, am working with the new gradebook.

Which iOS and version of the app are your students running?

We'll get this figured out! Smiley Happy

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My students are all seeing this for a course in which assignments are mostly submitted on paper.  Even though their grades show up, they are all still flagged as "missing".  This just started happening after the student app update, and seems to have nothing to do with the new gradebook on my end.

a student

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Seeing this as well on iOS app v. 6.2 on iPhone masquerading as student on NO SUBMISSION graded assignment (SCROOGE here):

273312_2018-04-19 11.59.45.png

is there a status of this being a known issue??

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there,  @nelenzmartin ...

I have been reviewing older questions here in the Canvas Community, and I stumbled upon your question.  I wanted to check in with you because I noticed that there hasn't been any new activity in this topic since April 19, 2018.  Have you had the opportunity to review all replies that you've received thus far?  Also, it looks like  @KristinL  was curious to know which versions of the apps you were using on your iOS device.  There have been several updates to the apps since you first posted this question, so maybe some of the updates have helped to resolve issues for you?

  • iOS Canvas Student - Current version 6.3.1
  • iOS Canvas Teacher - Current version 1.6.2
  • iOS Canvsa Parent - Current version 3.8

If you feel that one of the above replies has helped to answer your question, please feel free to mark that person's response as "Correct".  However, if you are still looking for some help with this question, please come back to this thread to post a message below letting Community members know how we might be able to assist you.  For now, I am going to mark your question as "Assumed Answered" because there hasn't been any new activity in this topic for several months.  However, that won't prevent you or others from posting additional questions and/or comments below that are related to this topic.  I hope that's alright with you, Nicole.  Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

Hi Chris:  Circling back to this.  Our parents have updated versions of the app and are experiencing quite a bit of grief still seeing all the Red Missing tags...students as well. 

I can't quite figure it out.  A teacher will have a TEXT ENTRY assignment, which a student has submitted, the teacher has graded, and it is still showing up with a big red missing tag in the app.  Once "clicked on" for a more detailed view, we can see the grade for the assignment.  Nevertheless, the summary page has many red missing tags.  

Another spot I see the big red missing tag is when a "no submission" assignment has closed, but it has not yet been graded. 

Parents, students, and faculty  are very concerned about so many red missing tags everywhere on the app, but they actually are not valid/true. 

Thank you for your help!

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I can confirm this is still an issue for us as well. I'm going to submit a new help case on this and hopefully that will do the trick in getting this fixed.

Hey Chris,

Can you email me at with some affected users (names or IDs) so I can check it out?