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iOS Student & Parent app shows Missing for Not Graded Assignment

I assign reading assignments to be "Not Graded" Assignments for the Submission Type -- so it shows up on the students' Assignment Lists, To Do List, Calendar, etc., but it does NOT show up in the gradebook and students obviously do not submit anything for it. 

However -- on the parent and student iOS app (and perhaps Android, I haven't asked yet), parents and students are both seeing reading assignments with the big red "Missing" Indicator, as well as a "Turn In" option for students.  Of course, when students click "Turn In",  nothing happens (as the submission type is Not Graded), but there is even a Message Instructor link -- where students can type a message to me -- but it goes no where.  I can't seem to find where I would receive it.  

We use the New Gradebook, and I can't manually take off the Missing Tag from the app -- and obviously can't from my gradebook on my desktop browser, because the assignment is not IN my gradebook (again, not graded). 

Any thoughts on solving any of this?  We have several angry students and parents seeing so many missing reading assignments!  Thanks.

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Thanks! Will do.