iPad app filter by section not working

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The iPad app is not working for me and I don't know why.  I have a course with 10 sections.  I have an assignment that was due via uploads.  I navigate to the assignment, click "Needs grading", click "Filter" and put a check next to the section so that the section and "Needs grading" have red checks next to them.  Then I click "Done" in the upper right.  

Then I get the astronaut with "No submissions - it seems there aren't any valid submissions to grade."


What is going on?


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Community Team

Hi @laf2h - I'm running Canvas Teacher v. 1.12.2, and I am able to check/uncheck a variety of filtering options.

Are you running the most updated version? If yes, I'd try to restart your device. If you've done that too, let the Community know. We'll do our best to help you find a solution!

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Thanks.  I called tech support.  They were able to replicate the problem so it has been escalated. Back to the desktop app for now.

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