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keyboard shortcut to email from Speed grader

I accidentally found a way to email a student from within the SpeedGrader function but cannot find it again!  Does anyone know what it was?

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I don't know how, but I'd love to know.  That would be great!

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Are you using the new grade book or the "old" grade book?  In the new grade book, if you click on the students name, you will see a window pop up on your right and then a mail icon will be there to send them an email!  Hope this helps!

Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @ksanders5  - In February, you asked about emailing students directly from the gradebook. Dave asked which gradebook you were/are using, and then offered some help! If you have a few minutes, it would be great to hear from you.  Because it's been a few months since there has been activity on this thread, I'm going to mark it "Assumed Answered", but that will not prevent you or any other Community member from commenting.