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This is a very basic thing.

A student should be able to see a view with *all* outstanding assignments, meaning assignments that are past due (or soon to be past due), across *all* classes such that there is not submission made yet. 

This should not have a bunch of other announcements and such polluted in the report.

This should a complete list, not including all those assignments that have been submitted.

This should not be course by course, but should be across all courses.

Where do I find this view?

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Thanks for the prompt reply, @jcarpenter1 ! I did check these out, and they have the same issues. first, the dashboard shows a bunch of things that aren't even assignments, like announcements and what not. On the calendar, there is all the stuff that you have done and have not done. The stuff submitted is crossed out, so you just have to be on the lookout for the items that aren't. At the volume of stuff I see, this search is not trivial. Also, you can only look at things one month at a time, or you'll need to scroll back and forth through agenda view looking for it. If you have done most things, then this search is tedious.

This view of listing the stuff that (1) isn't done and (2) needs to be done is pretty basic. Google Classroom has this, and it's not even an LMS. Moodle has it. It is too basic, and important for students to manage their stuff, that I'm shocked that it doesn't exist. Does it? Kids want to know what they need to get done. Isn't there a report or page view for this?

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