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one question at a time on locked quizzes with internet disruption

I have a quiz (old quizzes - New Quizzes are not accessible enough for us to use at this time) -- that is set to lock questions after responding (with or without the answer once they click Next). The settings are also set to allow only one question at a time.

What happens with one question at a time and locked after answering when the student loses internet connection? Do they start over, are the questions saved, can they go back to the questions they already submitted (clicked next)? If internet is lost does it submit the questions/answers and grade after the due date?

I am just not sure what happens to access for students.

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In my experience, students were able to re-enter the quiz at the point where they stopped.  Resuming the quiz does not unlock prior questions. 

Regardless of why a student stops taking a quiz, their responses so far are auto-submitted.  I have lock dates scheduled about 14 minutes after the due date, and I believe the auto-submit runs at the lock date.  If you do not have a lock date programmed, I would expect the auto-submit at the due date.