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how can I, if possible change my canvas page color I have a problem and prefer reading black on yellow. it helps a lot

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Hi dprjoh001‌! Welcome to the Canvas Community!

If you are a student, you can enabled a "High Contract UI" in your account settings (Profile --> Settings --> Edit Settings). You can find the instructions her:What feature options can I enable in my user account as a student?

If you are a teacher/instructor, you have two options:

  1. You can also do the same as above and enable your "High Contrast UI" in your account settings. Those instructions can be found here: What feature options can I enable in my user account as an instructor? 
  2. You can also use HTML code to edit the background color of a page you create. Check out the following response from  @don_bryn  to a question regarding customizing the page background color: Changing Background Colour.

I hope this helps answer your question or directs you toward a more specific question or need!

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