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This is an odd thing that's popped up. I just gave an exam to my students, and there is a question group that picks one of two questions for my students. Each is worth 6 points, and I designated 6 points in the question group as well. But it is incorrectly listed as out of 7 points when I am using speed grader. The total number of possible points on the exam is correct, so clearly the questions are being counted as worth 6 points. But the incorrect designation of 7 points possible might confuse students later on. There doesn't seem to be any way to change this, since it is set correctly when I go in to edit the question group and questions.

Has anyone run across this issue or know what I can do about it?

Here are some screen shots of what I mean. The first two are the set up for the question group and one of the questions, and the last is what I see in speed grader when grading it.Screenshot (54).pngScreenshot (55).pngscreenshot exam question.png

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Hi @erica_wagner 

Well that must be frustrating!

I have no idea why this would be happening, and there is not a setting that would cause this to happen. I can only conclude that it is a bug. I note from the SpeedGrader image that students have already taken the quiz leaving you few options at this point - I would have suggested just deleting the item and starting over.

Have you submitted a support ticket?

Sorry, that's all I have.


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