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Is there ant way to do private chats in canvas (or another tool I could use). What I'm looking for is for a way for the students to send me their lab work so I can comment on it, but I don't want to share their work with the entire class. I don't want to use email. Thanks.

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 @rlecessi ...

Another idea...probably should have suggested this first...  why not set up an assignment called "Lab Work" in your course where students can submit their file(s) to you, and you can still have those private conversations between you and your students?  The benefits are that you can see all of their submissions to you (time and date stamped), and there would be a complete conversation history for and the student.  You can even use the annotation tools provided in the SpeedGrader in case you wanted to mark up a student's document to provide feedback.  You wouldn't have to make it a graded assignment...just make sure that students are able to submit work to you via that assignment.

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