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publishing groups

Hi Everyone!

I have a question regarding groups.  Is it possible to assign students to groups and the groups NOT be published until a certain date?  I have 29 students (from NC universities STATE-WIDE) that need to be put into 6 groups.  Lead faculty does not want the groups to be published until all students turn in an introductory document (stating their workplace, trying to divide the students so that no two students work in the same place of employment).  This document will determine which group they will be placed in.  I have 14 students have turned in the said document so far.  Can I put those 14 in their groups WITHOUT the students seeing their group?

It may seem like a weird question, but the lead faculty wants the students to be put in their group ASAP.

Thank you so much!


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@holmant I do not believe there is a way to have created a group set but it not be published yet.  Soon as students are put into a group, even if there is no assignment or other deliverable using that group yet, it is available to the students.  

This would be a good idea for a feature request if there is not one yet.  I looked a little and did not see one but it may be older and I just did not find it.