"Act as" rights for sub account admins

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I work as an Instructional Designer on a college campus.  I am setup as an admin but only as an admin in my campus' account - which is a sub account/domain of the main campus.  I do not have the ability to impersonate staff or students on our sub account.  This hinders my ability to support my faculty and their students.  I have been told that "Act as" is only available to the main campus admins on the root account. 



"To act as a user in an account, admins must be assigned the Users - Act as permission. The Users - Act as account permission can only be managed from the root account and cannot be enabled at the sub-account level."


Is there any work around to this?  If not, is this something Canvas could change in the future? 

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Hi @dlmasond 

This drove me nuts when we first created sub-accounts for our instructional divisions, as I wanted our Deans (okay, our Deans' Admin assistants, because we all know that is the workflow) to be able to support their own folks in Canvas as much as they could. Can't be done.

You could create a new Idea Conversation requesting this feature be added.

Good luck,


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