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"Commons" organization

Maybe it's because I don't know what I'm doing, but the commons seems like a big repository (data dump) that can only be accessed by keyword searches or raw browsing. Am I right?
I'm envisioning a way to share lessons with colleagues across my district from a single location that has a clear directory structure similar to what you might see on any file share. Example:

Anatomy & Physiology
⤷Unit 1: Antatomy Terminology
    ⤷lesson/quiz/etc. from colleague 1
    ⤷lesson/quiz/etc. from colleague 2
 ⤷Unit 2: The Integumentary System
    ⤷lesson/quiz/etc. from colleague 2
    ⤷lesson/quiz/etc. from colleague 4

Can it be done?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @tony_randel 

Yep, Commons could use some serious organizational structure, and content search improvements; but it is way better than anything we had before.

Here's the deal - why not just use a Canvas course shell for this purpose, and you could use Modules  for your main categories. Then, set it to open enrollment for anybody with a link, and you simply send them the link! You would, of course, have to modify their role to be that of teachers; and then you would, of course, need to trust then to not muck it all up.

We have done this for years with our programs so that they could share resources amongst program faculty.


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