"Copy to" shows all courses instead of current term

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The "Copy to" option on assignments used to show courses in the current term only. Sometime recently, that switched to showing all courses, including past terms. That means instructors now need to search for courses instead of being able to pick from active classes.

I don't know of a way to control which courses show in this filter. Has anyone else seen this? Any workarounds other than using the Import tool in Settings?

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this came through in yesterday's deploy. I believe it's being looked at, it's creating a real headache. This is the workaround I've shared with my teachers:

  1. Open the course you are sharing to in another tab
  2. Copy the course ID from that course’s url. The course ID is the 6-digit number that follows courses/ in the url. 
  3. Return to the course you are copying from, proceed to copy your item like normal. Instead of selecting from the drop down, paste the copied course ID in the select a course box. Click on the course name when it populates.

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