"Media comment uploading has not been properly set up."

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I'm attempting to upload a video file using the "Record/Upload Media" tool in the RCE toolbar, but I am receiving this notification:

Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 8.51.43 PM.png

I turned on the new RCE Enhancements and the issue still persisted.

However, I'm able to add the .mov as a file using the "File Upload" feature on the right hand side, but not from the RCE "Record/Upload Media" tool. 

Can anyone please tell me how to resolve the issue?

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Community Coach

Hello there, @JessicaLy ...

I've never seen that kind of error message before.  Though, to be fair, I don't do a lot of video uploads like you are doing...as I am a Canvas administrator for our Technical College's Canvas environment.  Have you tried reaching out to Canvas Support to see if they have any insights for you?  How do I contact Canvas Support? - Canvas Community

If you do contact Canvas Support, please come back to this topic to post an update for us so that we know how this might have been resolved.  Thanks!

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