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"Profile photo save failed too many times"

In open source Canvas, why can't I upload/save the profile picture and got an error prompting "Profile photo save failed too many times".. Hope you can help me on this one guys...


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HI  @it_administrato  Welcometo the Canvas Community.

I'm wondering if you log out and in again if will work. 

Have you followed the steps outlined here? 

Our institution does not allow profile photos, perhaps yours is like that also.

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Hi Bobby.. I've done that as well, Attaching files and Gravatar is working but not the photo upload.. I don't know if that has something to do in the configuration settings? 

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I looked at the Canvas source code to see where this error message appears.

There's a comment before the block that processes the upload that says:

// need to wait for the avatar to get processed by background jobs before
// it will save properly.
// wait 5 seconds and then error out

The error message has no punctuation in it, which makes it sound like something it's not.

At first, I was reading it as (Profile photo) (save failed too many times), but it should really be read as (Profile photo save) (failed too many times)

It failed too many times, it only tried to save it once.

But what it really means is that it took too long for the avatar to appear in the list avatars.

Is there something special about this avatar? Perhaps it's large or an unsupported type? Can you save a small test-case image and see if it works?

Another thing to check is that you have file space to upload the image. Try uploading the file to your personal files by going to your account and choosing files. If this fails, it is likely at least part of the problem. You won't be able to use the web interface to link to a file that you've previously uploaded, but profile pictures do get uploaded into your "My Files/profile pictures" folder and so there must be room to upload it. If you can upload the file, then delete it since it can't be used directly.

As for "attaching files" works, those can be included as part of a course quota and not count as a personal quota. It depends on where you're attaching them. It might also be that the image is much bigger than the other attachments.

If you have done media comments, those can eat up your quota really quickly.